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My Professional Journey

Perhaps coming from a large family is the reason for my interest in birth from a very young age.  Seems like we were always welcoming a new baby.  I loved listening to my mother's stories of her own births, but they all seemed the same- Once she arrived at the hospital she was alone, given heavy medication and woke up hours later once baby was there. I knew I wanted more for my birth, more meaning, and certainly more memory of the event. I read books, took Lamaze class and practiced the breathing techniques with my mother, who I had invited to my  birth. Despite being prepared, my birth experience in the hospital was nothing I hoped it would be. Not knowing our rights, our daughter was separated from us and we were left in the dark about much of our care and what exactly had occurred during her birth

Fast forward ten years while living in Chicago suburbs and working at Healthy Families, a program for first time parents at risk. It was here I learned there was such thing as a doula. I love everything a doula represents.  I wondered how my own birth would have been different. Shortly after I completed the doula certification and began offering doula services to the families at our location. In 1991 Healthy Families began an official doula program with funding from The Ounce of Prevention.

    In 2005, after attending hundreds of hospital births, I was blessed to provide doula services at a home birth. What a difference! It was amazing how the family was so  comfortable in their own surroundings, but the care provider left them  to enjoy that comfort. Their care was family led and gave choices not allowed in hospitals. Over the next 15 years I would serve in the role of doula and sometimes as  midwife assistant, but it was home birth that became my passion. In 2015, I took the leap to student midwife and enrolled in South West Technical college to work towards my CPM.  My student midwifery role would take me to areas of Southwestern and Central Wisconsin as well as Indiana to study with some brilliant midwives I now call friends. In the fall of 2018 I completed the required NARM exam to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)

   I now reside in Lake St. Louis, MO with Michael, my husband of 32 years. Our daughter, her husband and our two year old grand daughter live nearby and we are happy to call this area our home!

  Just as my role has changed, the experience of pregnancy and birth has changed over the years. I believe that every family deserves caring, sensitive and knowledgeable support during this time. I see every pregnancy and birth as their own unique miracle, deserving individualized care.  As a Certified Professional Midwife, I feel honored to contribute my experience to women and families in the greater St. Charles County and surrounding area.

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