We absolutely loved our homebirth! Jean was very calm and peaceful which made our entire experience a dream come true! she took great care of us before, during and after. We can't wait to use them with our next home birth



Jean is such a gifted midwife. We were blessed to have her help us welcome our second into this world with a beautiful water home birth and I highly recommend her. Compassionate, funny, and professional. If we ever have another baby, Jean is going to be one of the first to know!



We were Jean's first waterbirth in 2007, when she was a doula. I hired her after interacting online on birth professional chat boards for nearly a year, as I was pursuing my IBCLC at the time. I was impressed with her knowledge and compassion both online, and moreso in person. Needless to say, I was cheering when I heard she was pursuing Midwifery. I absolutely trust and recommend Jean. She is a fierce advocate for natural and safe birth, and an incredibly strong grounding presence, not to mention her magical massage skills.